Team Breezy: Happy Birthday Chris!

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Chris Brown at the 2013 Grammys!

Cinco de Mayo isn’t the only thing popping off today; it’s also the undeniably talented Chris Brown’s birthday. He may be going through some rough patches right now, but with all the talent he has, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Chris has had ups and downs in the music industry, but all in all the good things definitely outweigh the bad.

Chris Brown stepped on the scene at the age of 16, with the his song “Run it.”  Chris was young, fresh, new, and not to mention eye candy for most girls at the time. His career progressed after releasing his debut album Chris Brown, and followed with the albums: Exclusive, Graffiti, Fame, and Fortune. Each album scored many hit records and got better with every album. In between albums, Chris even found time to release a few mix tapes to keep fans, Team Breezy, anticipating new material.

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Chris Hugging Debbie Allen at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy!

Chris has even tapped into the behind-the-scenes role by directing videos; a clothing line, Black Pyramid; having his own record label, CBE; and philanthropy. Since Chris has got his hands in directing, he has directed videos not only for himself, but also for artists on his label such as Sevyn Streeter and the band UGLY.

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Chris painting a life-size version of his toy!

Chris has an understanding that his creativity needs to be seen by the world, which is why he has displayed his artistic talents in everyway possible. When Chris Brown decided to show the world his paintings, it was clear  that he knew a thing or two about spray cans.  Chris has even launched his own toy based on characters he has painted.

Did I forget to mention that the acting bug has also bitten Chris? When Stomp the Yard came out, fans of Chris rushed out to see the film. The disappointment of Brown’s character dying in the first 10 minutes was a bummer, but this wasn’t the last film he starred in. He went on to do films like This Christmas,Takers, Battle of the Year, and Think Like a Man. I totally wish he would play a superhero or do more action films.   He’ll probably do all his own stunts and after seeing Takers, I think that will be a great role for him. Fingers crossed that it will happen.

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Chris Brown performing!

Chris is a triple threat and no matter how much people may dislike him, when he performs they give him his props. Seriously, what other entertainer gets on stage and dances like that? He leaves his heart on the stage and demands attention. If you’ve ever been to a Chris Brown concert and seen it with your own eyes, you’ll definitely understand the comparison to Michael Jackson. Chris stays on top of his game and gives his fans his all. Speaking of fans, Chris loves Team Breezy. No matter what happens, Chris does his best to give Team Breezy the best videos, music and performances. He knows that Team Breezy has his back, and he appreciates them.

Chris Brown is clearly a Winner and a Super Human when he’s on stage. We all can’t wait for Chris to come home and be the Poppin’ artist that we all Love More than Fine China. We’re all waiting for Breezy’s next album, so we can Turn Up the Music and Party Hard. Chris is already Picture Perfect, so we’ll all be Loyal and Wait for You.  So Don’t Judge Me for being his Biggest Fan. Deuces, Beautiful People. Why do you love Chris so much? Leave comments below!

Here’s a few of my favorite Breezy videos:

` — xoxo a fan of you stans

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6 responses to “Team Breezy: Happy Birthday Chris!

  1. ‘Cos he raps and sings effortlessly!

  2. BooksBySontia

    Chris is absolutely amazing ! And this article is too. Thanks for highlighting the good things about Breezy instead of focusing on all the negativity that the media forms around him. Anyhow, I am new to wordpresss, I just started following you, please follow me back ! Thanks ♡

    • Thank you! I wouldn’t dare speak negative things about him, when I know at the end of the day he’s a great guy. He may have his faults, but he’s figuring his life out. I don’t believe in promoting negative things. The media tries to tear him down, when he’s done so many amazing things. I can’t wait until he’s home.

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